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Digital Packaging: A New Field Of Printing Industry

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

In the packaging and printing industry, no one can predict the future trends accurately. Nowadays, whether it is the requirement of brand suppliers, environmental protection, or the change of demand of ordinary consumers, it has stimulated the progress of packaging innovation technology. Although the "packaging box is just a package" view still exists, but the form of packaging and production methods are undergoing subtle changes. Many packaging enterprises began to adopt digital printing technology, and some early enterprises have applied this technology to the daily production.

In recent years, the Internet has brought great impact on all walks of life, the printing and packaging industry is no exception.

According to market research data show that the impact of the Internet, so that many segments of the industry, such as declining profits. But the negative influence of packaging, folding carton printing, flexible packaging printing, corrugated carton printing and other packaging related industries is relatively small, and its market development is showing an upward trend.

The packaging industry is growing fast, and there is no sign of a slowdown. Related research institutions predict that in 2013 the number of digital printed packaging valued at $6 billion 600 million. By 2018, that figure will double to $14 billion 400 million.

The traditional printing process, such as packaging and printing, flexo printing, intaglio printing, still occupies an important position and has a large market demand. However, as digital printing advances in size, speed, and flexibility, their market share will gradually decrease.

The application of digital printing in label production is very mature. Electronic photography and inkjet printing are gradually gaining more and more market share. It is estimated that the market will increase by 27% by 2018. In the world digital packaging and printing market, the Western European market in 2013 exceeded 920 million U. s.dollars, of which Germany is still Europe's largest printing market. The United States is the largest country in the field of printing and packaging. It is the most developed digital printing market in the world so far and is expected to grow to $3 billion 380 million by 2018.

With the continuous innovation of technology, electronic photography and inkjet printing are improving in quality and speed. To a great extent, it challenges the advantages of offset printing, wide flexo printing and gravure printing.

An interesting phenomenon is that the traditional printing machine manufacturers gradually focus on the field of packaging and printing equipment manufacturing. Many have become an important pillar of the folding carton, flexible packaging, labels, corrugated cardboard printing equipment manufacturing field.