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Four Misunderstandings Of Digital Printing

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

From the digital print in the street, digital printing has come into our life a little. This new technology with the popularization of the computer network and the rise, with its hitherto unknown flexibility, it has lots of advantages, quality and overall cost, to win more and more people's attention and love, but at the same time, also caused the traditional printing practitioners soil "wolf" exclaimed. Because of this, we discuss digital printing, the first thing to make clear is, what is the wolf or the sheep?

With the rapid development of digital printing, the efficient productivity brought by it brings a lot of convenience to people. In such a rapid development under the condition of digital printing to show its unique charm, but there are some errors in which there are many people on the understanding of digital printing, let us look at the digital printing in which there is a misunderstanding:

A misunderstanding: the digital printing machine is a simple digital process. Due to the digital printing process is directly from the computer or printed on the printed page Computer-to-Paper, so the requirements of digital printing machine automation function should have the whole process of imposition, correction and binding, so the essential function of the system software.

Myth two: no comparable to traditional printing. Digital printing machine printing quality due to the mechanical structure, the use of supplies are not the same and cause the quality of digital printing and traditional printing at present is still not exactly the same, but overall, with the enhancement of imaging system of continuous improvement, improve the imaging accuracy and output resolution, medium tolerance, digital printing machine manufacturers currently launched has been able to meet the needs of high-grade printing, and also to the development of higher quality. In particular, more and more multi-color digital printing system, but also four colors or even six color, spot color printing can also meet.

Mistake three: high cost. Costs are usually made up of three elements: depreciation, material, labor. But the digital system is highly automated, will reduce manual costs to a certain extent; the equipment depreciation, decided by the purchase of equipment investment; the cost of materials, with toner type medium as an example, now the digital machine is a drum powder separation, and most of the life of drum in hundreds of thousands or more the powder, the price should be gradually reduced with the application of the expansion; relative to traditional offset printing, digital printing, no plate, it will save the cost of plate making. It is worth mentioning that, with the increase of users and the maturity of technology, the overall price level of digital printing machines has declined. This also led to the control of digital printing, prompting more customers to accept digital printing. .

Myth four: products cannot be retained for the first time. We can do experiments ourselves to see the difference in the preservation time of digital printing machines. Use traditional inks, electronic ink, and toner printed inks to be placed in the sun. In a few days, you will find that the printed matter on the digital printing machine is better than the traditional ink in printing. .

Secondly, many people think that digital printing machine printing as the traditional laser printer and copier printing sheet can not be long-term preservation. That is not the case, the dry toner for example, printing with high resolution digital printing machine continues to improve, now the digital printing machine using the toner than traditional copiers and laser printers use finer particles, in high temperature melting process, as a kind of toner ink dissolved in the paper gap.