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Four Principles Of Packaging Design

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2017


In this era of looking face, if you have a pretty face, it will greatly reduce the social cost, and sometimes you can attract other people's attention without you are too active.

The product is so natural, has the good packaging design let the products have an excellent outlook, even without promotion to lie with consumers to introduce its advantages, saving the cost of transmission, improve a single rate. Then, what are the design principles that should be followed in the design of a good package?

The principle of package design is scientific, economical, reliable and beautiful. This is based on the laws of packaging design summed up the scientific principles.

1, science refers to the packaging design must first consider the function of packaging, to protect products, provide convenience and expand sales purposes. Meet the needs of people's daily production and life. At the same time, we must also conform to the broad masses of the healthy aesthetic concepts and customs. Packaging design must not be the product of specious formalism, nor can it simply have three major functions and ignore other aspects. It has adverse effects on people's health, industrial production and social life.

2, the economy must require packaging design must comply with modern advanced industrial production level, with the least financial, material, human and time to achieve maximum economic results. This requires our packaging design is conducive to mechanized mass production; conducive to the operation and management of automation; to reduce material consumption and saving energy; to improve the work efficiency; is conducive to the protection of products, convenient transportation, maintenance, storage and stacking to expand the use of various links, sales flow. All this is the content of economic principles. Our country is a socialist country, the purpose of production is to improve the standard of living of the broad masses of the people. Therefore, the economic principle of packaging design is related to the national economy and individual interests, and should be attached great importance to.

3, reliable packaging design is required to protect the product reliable, can not make the product in all aspects of circulation damage, pollution or repair theft. This requires a scientific analysis of the packaging, the use of reasonable packaging methods and materials, and reliable structural design, and even to carry out some special treatment. For example, the bottom board of a container must be subjected to special sterilization, insecticidal treatment, and so on.

4, beauty is the common requirement of the masses. Packaging design must be in the functional and material and technical conditions permit, for the packaged products to create a birth, perfect, healthy and harmonious shape design and decoration design. So as to arouse people's desire to purchase, beautify people's life, and cultivate people's healthy and noble aesthetic taste.

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