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Hot Foil Stamping Are Widely Used To Enhance The Identification Of Your Products

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Charm Printing(HK)Co., Ltd. supplies the luxury paper box, cosmetic box, paper bag and rigid set up box with the various color hot foil stamping. The gold foil stamping and silver hot foil are the most popular among the cosmetic boxes.

Metallic foils are widely used in the paper packaging box for our clients when they want:

  • 1.      To add dazzle, distinction and luxury feel to the printed box

  • 2.      To enhance the identification of their products, particularly the cosmetic      and beauty products, wine products and the gift products.

What is Foil Stamping

In the package industry, foil stamping is a special kind of finish where paper foil is used to create striking designs and graphics on the outer surface of the packaging box. It gives the paper printed box a shiny and incredible look, adding a very luxury feel. Gold & Silver foil stamping is the preferred finish methods for the cosmetic paper box, cardboard gift box and the luxury paper bags. Also foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

Metallic Foil Paper With Various Color

In the foil stamping process, the die or the sculpted metal plate comes in contact with the foil paper and transfers a thin layer of the foil film onto the intended paperboard. As the metal plate is heated, the foil sticks to the surface only in the design of the plate and in the required areas with the desired imprint.

Paper Foil Types

Metallic Foil Paper

Metallic foil paper has a metal like sheen and gives a shiny and shimmering look to the foil stamped design. Such foil paper is available in different metal shades such as gold (referred to as gold foil stamping),silver (silver foil stamping), bronze, and copper just to name a few. In addition to metallic colors, metallic foil paper is also available in other colors such as green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and pink.

Gloss & Matte Pigment Foil Paper

It gives the printed box a painted look and a very high glossy & matte finish without the metallic look. It is also available in many different colors.

Holographic Foil Paper

A multidimensional image made photographically with the use of lasers and special optics is called a hologram. Such hologram images are transferred on unique foil paper, which is then known as holographic foil paper. This kind of foil gives a very special, moving effect to the foil designs.

Gold Foil Stamped Paper Box