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How Can The Printing Package Minimize The Color Difference?

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

Good color printing ink factory, printing factory to use, often have errors and standard color, this is a very difficult to completely avoid the problem of color can only be reduced to the minimum, what is the cause of the problem, and how to control, how to improve the accuracy of color ink factory?

1. printing ink factory: most imported small printing machine, this machine is on a flat mesh version, by embossing roll round with Indian film moves to complete printing, the printing machine is rotary, mesh is in circumference rolls on. The two mesh line number and angle are large differences, which makes the same ink in two kinds of printing mode is not a small difference, sometimes is not only the color light dark hue, lightness, but all will bring different results. Some small plants with a kind of stick, even worse. With the proofer plate factory to color, the effect will be less than the import of printing machine is much better, but the price is almost the same, the proof can be made of the same printing version, and according to the needs of different levels, the printing pattern design depth, which makes the printing and printing of the same basic factory, a the important factors that influence the color - printing, and printing the same.

2. edition depth: different prints have different versions of the deep, ink printing factory for the printed version of the deep understanding or estimation, also affect the accuracy of toning. Obviously, if the ink factory uses 45 m deep print for color, while the customer's version is much smaller than 45 m, the printed color becomes lighter and vice versa. Some people think that according to the user's standard ink contrast to adjust the ink, the version of the depth can not be considered, in fact, this is a theoretical view, in fact, is not the case. In theory, exactly the same two ink (such as a cup of ink into two parts), whether the version of the deep and shallow (other conditions are the same), its hue is consistent. But in the actual color, can not get the deployment of ink are as like as two peas, so there is such a phenomenon; sometimes it is printed version of shallow color closer (which can meet the requirements of customers), but if the deep color print version, a lot of the poor, so it is important to master version of the deep, deep the customer's version, it must use the deep color of printed version.

3., viscosity: ink factory, toning, color printing viscosity, as far as possible with the printing press printing ink viscosity, the difference between the farther, and ultimately lead to greater color difference. Ink mill color with 22s, and customers use 35S, at this time the color must be much deeper, and vice versa many shallow. Some ink factory do not pay much attention to this problem, regardless of the use of printing factory viscosity, all in order to unify the viscosity of the customer's standard samples (ink samples, printed samples), which caused a greater color difference.

4., printing materials: ink factory on the color of the materials used and printing plant different (including other crafts) will cause greater color difference. Some ink is a layer of white ink color will be closer to the customer and printed, some on the contrary. Little change after some composite ink customers, but some very big changes, such as some transparent color, so color ink factory, must understand the process of customers, including the most basic: whether printing white ink backing, what composite materials, whether varnish. In theory, the printing conditions in the printing plant are closer to the conditions in which the printing press uses the ink, and the higher the accuracy of the ink transferred. However, because of the limitation of conditions, they still have many differences, such as environment, watch the color printing speed, the pressure of the printing pressure roller are not uniform, as long as the good control of these four parts, certainly can greatly improve the accuracy of the color printing ink factory.