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How To Match Color Box Printing Products?

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017


Packaging can attract the eyes of consumers, so that consumers buy the product, it can be seen that the color box, color matching for packaging products is so important. Here to explain how to package color collocation.

First of all, in the design of color box color, the most important thing is to fully understand the psychological needs of consumers, consumers like what color is like. For example, red represents joy, warm and cold; blue represents calm; black represents silence and so on, in what is the understanding of color, in color from appearance, gray represents plain, white represents is pure and so on.

Everyone packaging color matching is just like a picture, the color collocation is good, can make the color box products in the shopping center, consumers widely buy. The best packaging color is warm tone, so that the first look is a warm and warm feeling, which evokes the desire of people to buy. For example, red, yellow and orange are dominant in tone, and the blue color of the feeling is cool, cold feeling, so take a cold tone, and green and white is neutral colors, therefore, color printing in the packaging process, the position is very important, correct color collocation, can make printing products to achieve a harmonious and distinct degree.

Different packaging and printing products have different color matching, color matching can not be dominated by warm colors, according to packaging objects in color matching.