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Page Making Points

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

Charm printing to provide high-quality color printing services, provide different paper and process for customers to choose, including paper coated paper, matt coated paper, process of folding, peritoneal etc.. Quality assurance, quality service and the most preferential price, the customer is absolutely printed page first!
Color page printing, its coverage area is too large, from corporate publicity, product promotion, exhibition leaflets, and then all kinds of leaflets, which can be called page. But the same is, color printing is generally to follow four principles to be recognized by customers.
First, color printing design should have a very good theme. Refining the subject is the first step in planning samples. The theme is refining and understanding of brand development strategy, corporate image strategy and marketing strategy. Without the refinement of the subject, the grapes or the grapes could not be wine of good taste. That is to say, commercial printing to meet customer requirements, to show the essence of the propaganda, the subject must be bright.
Second, commercial printing quality cannot do without the creative design. Good ideas with color performance method, can reflect the design theme in what place. From copywriting to the overall tone, from title to form, these can include creativity.
Third color, typography is the key, as well to the new fashion styles, not old. Good format will absorb the international direction: pay attention to space, absorb international elements. The same can also be inherited Chinese style, in the format to form its own characteristics.
Fourth, assist quality color print a picture. Many companies are willing to spend a lot of money in product development, and displayed on the color pages on shoddy products. Professional color printing factory will communicate with customers, provide high quality pictures or filming.
The most concern is the problem of color color printing, brochure design and printing for various types of color printing and color printing design, so the tone and overall arrangement of color is very important, how in the color printing, better grasp the overall and local color layout. Design and production of color printing quality and the best effect of color printing.
The color printing process should pay special attention to the use of printing ink, according to people some professional printing industry, the color printing process, printing ink selection is very important, only the use of high quality printing ink to print out the ideal effect, while most of the imported printing inks are often quality first, to improve the color of color printing effect is very import