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Process Flow Of Color Box Printing

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

FOLDINGCARTON printing production process are: carton structure design, drawing contour map - printing decoration design, plate making (film / net) - Printing - surface treatment (coating, calendering / polishing, coating) - mounted pits - cutting (i.e. beer box) - Sticky box (folding, nail) - visual inspection of packaging

In addition, the parallel work is: draw back processing drawings - carved back plate, drawing die cutting, nesting drawings - saw cutting die plate - clamping knife, cutting knife - die cutting board

Main equipment: network room, printing machine, oil machine, grinder / (automatic mounting machine pit), (automatic die-cutting machine, visco box / nailing machine), which is a greater impact on the price of printing machine (cost sharing equipment).

Process description:

1, out of film: color separation production, one out of each color

2, including printing / printing: offset and gravure printing, embossing / flexo printing, screen printing, printing Yeping by general Zhang, according to the design requirements of single color, double color, three color, color and color

3, surface treatment: polishing: refers to the printing surface coating or spraying, printing a layer of colorless transparent coating, the leveling and drying pressure light in printed form on the surface of a thin and uniform layer of transparent light, increase the surface gloss and stereo feeling, make it more exquisite and beautiful and the effective protection of printing. Commonly used coatings are water-based varnish, solvent varnish, UV polishing oil and so on. Calendering / polishing: refers to the surface of the print coated with a layer of polishing oil, and then through the high temperature steel plate calendering. The polishing product should be on a rack and can be used until the product is completely cooled. Laminating: in printing, the application of a layer of PVA film, to improve surface gloss, so that the color is reliable. Drawback is that paper products can not be recycled, easy to cause white pollution.

4 、 mounting hole: mounting core paper and inner paper.

5, die cutting (ie beer box): die cutting, indentation and carton molding

6, sticky box: wireless adhesive or nail

7, quality control inspection - delivery