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The Future Development Of Printing Industry

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

At present, under the background of economic globalization, the development of the printing industry to the development of green, efficient, service, digital, intelligent direction, new products, new technologies, new services, new business models are emerging, technology research and development to accelerate the process of technology and product life cycle shortening, cross fusion technology and the rapid development of technology integration these changes, a serious impact on the traditional printing industry, the era of big data, the printing industry must be stripped out from the traditional to the road of innovation and high-tech.

Due to the impact of the global financial crisis and new technology (digital technology, network technology) the rapid development of new business models, new services are emerging, a serious impact on traditional printing industry, many companies in trouble, how to carry out technological transformation, how to carry out the transformation and upgrading of confusion. The printing industry in the future the main areas in which the traditional and emerging markets will be how to change the printing machine will be replaced, the next step will be how to develop the offset printing technology, which has the digital technology development trend, printing enterprises how to upgrade and expand the business, how to carry out technological transformation, is generally concerned about the problem of printing enterprises.

At present, the printing machine manufacturing industry is difficult, from the beginning of the second half of 2016, sales were offset slow-moving, cliff downwards, make the printing machine manufacturing enterprises into financial difficulties. In 2017, the printing machine manufacturing industry faces enormous environmental pressure on foreign, a sharp rise in labor cost price growth will continue to slow down, beset with troubles internally and externally. Is the switch still adhere to the development, it is difficult to choose in front of each printing people. Compared with the traditional printing people's confusion, the "sunshine screen", "a tear" and other internet printing enterprises have been in the printing industry force, frequently access to more than ten million investment. This outstanding contrast fully demonstrates that the industry should develop, and only by relying on technological progress and seizing the strong position of the industrial chain through new technology can we obtain new value and new development.

The printing machine manufacturing industry, technological innovation is the foundation. In the current era of rapid progress in technology, the survival and development of the printing press industry needs constant technological innovation. Only through constant technological innovation can we maintain a stable market position and achieve sustained development. In the era of rapid updating and development of technology, new technology is productivity, and technological strength is the core competitiveness.

Next, the printing machine manufacturing enterprises will still think industry services, provide the most advanced printing equipment and technology for responsibility, continuous work and exploration in the field of printing equipment, common development and China printing industry, create brilliant.