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What Is Green Packaging

Charm Printing (HK) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

The concept of green packaging has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, and the other is to save resources. The two are complementary and indivisible. Among them, the protection of the environment is the core, conservation of resources and the protection of the environment is closely related, because conservation of resources can reduce waste, in fact, that is, from the source of environmental protection.
Green packaging will become the focus of attention of the international community as a whole, is complicated because of environmental problems and pollution damage to the environment, regardless of national boundaries, a country's pollution, neighboring damage, not only harmful to the survival of common people, social health, production, market prosperity, but also through a variety of ways trigger the natural resources of the international dispute. Therefore, for the sake of our common good homeland, we should also adhere to the green environment, resist pollution.
It is reported that in order to reduce the environmental hazards of packaging waste, our country put forward the concept of green packaging 10 years ago. Green packaging takes into account the two meanings of environmental protection and resource recycling:
1, packaging reduction. That is to say, packing should be reduced as much as possible in the condition of protection, convenience, sale and so on.
2. Packaging should be easy to reuse or easy to recycle. This is the most feasible step in developing green packaging materials at the present stage, and is the most active way to recycle waste materials. Currently used polyester beverage bottles, bottles, glass bottles of beer can be reused many times. What can not be reused is decomposed, melted and shaped as soon as possible.
3, packaging waste degradation, corruption, and do not form a permanent waste. Biodegradable plastics are being studied all over the world to address the serious environmental problems that can not be degraded by plastics. The principle is through the degradation of soil and water microorganisms or by ultraviolet light from the sun, the division of plastic degradation and reduction in the natural environment, the ultimate form of re using non-toxic into the ecological environment, and nature.
4, packaging materials for human and biological should be harmless, non-toxic. Packaging materials should not contain toxic elements, heavy metals, or containing quantity, should be controlled in the following standards.
5, packaging products from raw materials acquisition, processing, manufacturing, product use, waste recycling, until the ultimate process of the whole process should not cause pollution to the human body and the environment.