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Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag

Item No.:
Sample Time:
3-5 working days
Order Leading Time:
10-20 working days (depending on quantity)
Payment Way:
Payment Term:
30% Deposit in advance,70% Balance before shipment
Supply Ability:
150000pcs-250000pcs per week
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Quantity Needed:
Application Scope
As one of Charm Printing's main products, Gift Boxes has wide applications. It is mainly used in the following aspects.Charm Printing is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.
Company Advantages
1. Charm Printing good quality paper bags has a good design. It is made by our professional designers using the finest materials and finishes.
2. It performs well in hygroscopicity. During the material treatment, the fabrics have been tested with desiccant or evaporation method, and the result proves that the moisture permeates finely through the fabrics.
3. The use of this product will insulate people from rising electricity prices. Instead, replacing the old ones with this product helps people cut costs on electricity.


Product Information


Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-1                
Paper bags

Custom made for your own brand

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-2                
Transparent PVC for displaying products

For wine &cookie packaging




Model Number





 Gift Package / Storage/Shop Promotion

Custom Order



 Offset printing / UV printing / silk printing


 CMYK 4C printing / Pantone color printing

Artwork format


Finished options

 Debossed / Embossing, Glossy / Matt Lamination,   Foil Stamping, UV Coating, Varnishing

Packing Type

 1pc/opp bag, multiple quantities be packing in   standard export carton

Trade Terms


Lead Time

 depending on order item and quantity, 7-30   working days accordingly.


 Strict quality control under SGS, ISO9001 and   Intertek.


 ISO9001/14001, FSC, CTPAT, SEDEX, Disney FAMA.


Confirm The Size and Select The Box Structure
Choose Material and Find Right Color For Your Design
Create Design, Select Surface Finished Effects
Select The Insert Tray Material or Shaped
Advise The Target Quantity and Packing requirements


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Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-4         


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Production Process

If you want to print with Pantone colors, please call for a custom quote.

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-9

1. Material inspection-Cutting paper-Printing Process

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-10

2. Printed effects QC-Surface finished (Lamination Varnishing)

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-11

3. Add value process(Foil stamping, Spot UV, Deboss, Emboss)

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-12

4. Die cutting process

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-13

5. Paperboard slotting+Structure paperboard molding

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-14

6. Mounting, gluing and other hand working process


Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-15

7. Surface finished and finished products inspection

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-16

8. Packing-Carton packing & plastic pallet packing




Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-17                
Rigid Gift Boxes

Perfect for Cosmetic, Jewelry, Wine, Chocolate, Perfume and Gift packaging

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-18                
Corrugated Boxes

Perfect for Toys, Glass Products, Electronic Products and Mailing Packaging

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-19                
Paper Boxes

Perfect for Cosmetic, Health Care, Tea, Cake and Retailing Products Packaging

Charm Printing paper shopping bags fashion design for shopping bag-20                
Foldable Gift Boxes

Perfect for Cosmetic, Electronic Products,  Souvenir, Promotional Gifts Packaging.

Company Features
1. As one of the most fantastic paper shopping bags manufacturers, Charm Printing stands out on the market.
2. Over the years of development, our company has established good strategic partnerships with clients all over the world. This is mainly because we have been providing excellent quality products and professional services.
3. We are marching forwards a more environmental-friendly and greener production way. We promise to eliminate any practices that will harm society and our environment. For example, during production, the waste will be carefully handled by our QC team. Our business goal is to build a multinational or global brand. We are working hard to make our company more appealing to customers by offering quality products and professional services. We are embedding sustainability into our business. We try to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water impacts of our manufacturing operations. We understand that our company's social responsibilities go beyond our status as just a manufacturer – our employees, customers, and the wider community look to us to lead the way and set an example. We will not live up to them.
Great way to plan your week for success and relieve decision fatigue!
Love this for meal planning!!!
i bought every version of these every one who comes over says how cool they our and compliment my organization.
I have been getting very serious about meal prepping. At 33 years old I finally figured out how much easier it makes my life and how much easier it is to be healthy. I used to just go to the store and aimlessly buy things that I thought sounded good. At dinner time I didn't really have a plan for what to do with it all. I know it sounds silly, but just coming up with a plan on Saturday or Sunday and then sticking with it helps so much. I bought this and it's partner pad "All out of". I have both pads side by side when I plan my meals. I have my list of regular meals that I do and then try to chose one or two new recipes a week to try. I plan those for nights that we don't have swimming or basketball obligations. I systematically go day by day, writing down what meal we're having and then checking off any additional ingredients I need for it. That way when I get to the store I'm not frantically looking on Pinterest for what I need or just guessing and not having the right stuff. This has helped save me a lot of money by not having a ton of extra stuff that gets wasted. I also have time to prep some of the stuff during the day while my oldest is in school and youngest is napping. I had originally been inspired to meal prep by a health blog I follow. It helped motivate me to start and then finding these pads that keep it all within sight and easy to use has helped a lot. I also love the side area for breakfasts, lunches and grab bag. It helps plan my daughters school lunches and snacks for the week. If she tries to pull the "there's nothing to eat" line with me I point her to the pad where she was able to choose healthy snacks for the week! Meal planning has changed my stress level and family meal time so much. I started about 3 weeks ago and can't believe I waited this long!
I'd tried for years to do weekly meal planning but nothing really stuck until I got this pad. I think it's the simplicity that helps. Spend about 10-15 minutes sunday planning the meals for the week with the family and then go grocery shopping. Everyone one gets a say in the meals, we don't get stuck in a rut, and makes sure everyone knows what's coming up so no one eats a crucial ingredient ahead of time. Oddly having a written plan also helps with last minute changes so we can easily see how to shuffle the meals so food doesn't get wasted. Whole pad lasts about a year and I just bought my second pad.
This makes the weekly chore of meal planning way less stressful. I don't think the chef of the week assignment is useful, but clearly laying out what is going on each night helps dramatically. Even just having blanks for all seven days and never filling out food on weekends (we don't usually cook on weekends because our schedules vary too much) makes it feel like we are able to skip some meal planning and makes it less oppressive to fill out the weeknights.
This notepad is excellent for poor planners! It has really helped to plan out healthier meals and save money at the grocery store by seeing what I need and how much to buy each trip. Our family uses this to plan our Weight Watcher Smart Point Meals and it has helped keep us organized and motivated to keep on track with our diets.
Makes meal planning easy, but always slides on refrigerator
I keep rebuying this item. It's awesome. Keeps my family organized, has a nice strong magnet and is fun to write on.
This pad has proven to be very useful for meal planning. I am on a new diet, and laying out the foods I will eat ahead of time has helped. It allows me to see the whole week to ensure I'm varying the menu, and also put in any items I might need to meal prep ahead of time.
This is my 2nd "What to Eat" notepad. We plan our weekly menu and write it on this pad, whether cooking at home or planning to go out. Then I create my grocery list on my smart phone. Having the weekly menu planned helps us know what to freeze or keep fresh, and we always know what's for dinner. The menu planning has become a Saturday morning tradition.
Makes meal planning fun and easy!
I live with several other people and we were all getting tired of eating the same thing over and over - Mac and Cheese, Baked Chicken, or Meatloaf - so we decided together that we'd each pick a day of the week to cook (one being left over night). This pad helps us plan out our weeks, so we're not eating the same thing every week. We've tried tons of new things. :)
The kids have fun with this as well. Makes meal planning all the easier.
This Pad is cute and efficient. I was surprised by the strength of the magnet, I expected it to be flimsy but it's holding strong.
These have been pretty helpful in getting my partner and I to meal plan together and efficiently. It's great that we can both take a quick peak whenever we want to know what's for dinner.
Sticks great to the fridge, works wonderfully for planning out meals. Only thing that I would improve would be to add a spot where you write odwn what ingredients you need to buy from the store.
It's a cool pad but I need to be more consistent with using it. Has a magnet in the back to put on the fridge
Works great in The Happy Planner. Good quality to the paper.
Material of the bags are very thin, so the bags came wrinkled - wish they were a bit sturdier. Otherwise, price was fair.
Love perfect for my craft shows this winter
I really liked this wallet, and maybe it was just because it's new, but I could not get my cards out easily once I got them in the holders. I have more cards than I should I guess. I fight to get my cards out now as it is and there are some I have to keep together that I couldn't do in this wallet. It was well made and beautiful, but it just wasn't for me.
I love this wallet! So much so that I bought a second one for one of my friends. It's slim, yet fits all of my cards and cash. It's great. The green is such a great and bright green. I had an issue with one of the zippers and when I reached out to the company they immediately replaced it and it's been great ever since. Fast and easy. Would highly recommend to others.
I like this's great to carry out for making quick runs or in an instance where you don't want to have to carry a handbag. It has tons of slots for cards and double zipper areas for your cell phone in one & cash in the other. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because there is no strap. If it was a wallet on a string, I would have. It would function great as a crossbody but a cute wallet nonetheless....
LOVE this wallet; super nice, especially for the price! Only gave it 4 stars for 1 simple reason - when you open the wallet all the way, your credit cards are in opposite directions; NOT a big deal, but it would be easier to locate stuff in a hurry, IF they were all going in the same direction, as my previous wallet had. I DO however, LOVE the fact that BOTH sides have zippers; my previous wallet only had a zipper on one side, thus my stuff was constantly falling out of the non-zippered side.
This will not fit a phone so if that is a necessity forget it. I will not hold a checkbook either, in a pocket or just in the middle. If you try to put it in the middle and fold the wallet over it's too thick and cant be snapped. The material is fake leather but it feels like plastic. Thats the bad. The good obviously is the number of card slots, that does live up to its description. I did not return the wallet because ultimately it took up less room than my others that also dont hold checkbooks or phones. I like easy access to whatever card is needed without having to dig in hidden slots that hold 3 cards instead of 1. Love the purple color. If it was a tad longer it would be perfect because my checkbook would have fit.
I like this pocketbook. It holds all my cash and cards with no problem. My phone does not fit but realize that the case is the issue. I wish it had a little wrist-let strap for easier carrying, but that is by no means a deal breaker. The four instead of five stars is due to the fact that it often pops open. The snap just does not stay closed. However, since this is usually inside a purse or bag, that is a small issue for me.
Though I ultimately ended up swapping it out for a wallet that was a little more compact (to fit in my rear-pocket), this was a really nice wallet with lots of room. Good for travel, good for anyone who has a purse or some kind of bag to carry it around in... not great for pockets though. Literally the only complaint about it.
Great quality and price! My only complaint is that it's not quite as vibrant of a green as it is in the picture, it's a little darker in person. I would probably have gone with the gray if I had known, but with thw price I might just get another and have 2.
The color is gorgeous it's a lilac purple and the tetxyure is nice not sticky or overly soft. Has so many pockets I love it. The snaps to close it have to size options which is nice and then there are two zipper pockets as well which are great for a variety of things . It fits easily in a smaller purse but can still be found in a Giant one. I would recommend this wallet to anyone it makes organizing your stuff so easy.
I don't often write product reviews but felt compelled to review this wallet. I was searching for a slim wallet that would allow easy access to credit cards. This is perfect. Most wallets start out as streamlined only to expand and expand with each new bill, coin, or card that you add. Not this one. It is the same width completely filled with credit cards as it is empty. May not be as great for change but I wasn't looking for a coin purse. The fact that it offers RFID protection means I could eliminate card sleeves. If you have more gift cards, credit cards, store loyality program cards, etc. and you want a slim wallet to contain them then this is the one to buy. There are lots of sellers of this products at various prices. Not sure the differences if any but I'm very happy with this product and this seller.
Fits all of my cards and it's still slim. I've gotten slim wallets before that once I loaded it with all of my cards, it was super-fat and that's just annoying. I started to wonder if I was asking too much of a wallet but this one is perfect. The card-flaps snap together and then the flap snaps sideways over those, so everything is well-protected!
This wallet is everything I’ve ever needed! It is slim and sleek which is great- it keeps things organized and there is no room for unnecessary items in my wallet which I really like. It also comes in my favorite color which is a major plus! Great quality. I’ve been using for about 6 months and it is still as nice as when I first started carrying it.
These are great wallets as they really do hold everything. Love all the colors, and they'd also make super gifts. My only complaint is it's a very tight fit for your cell. Maybe if you didn't have a cover on your phone it would be ok. I'm hoping after several uses that'll stretch out a bit. I bought two. One I'll give as a gift.
At long last a card holder that will hold not only my very few credit cards, but also my medical and other essential business cards. Colour was as pictured. I wanted a purple to match my new android. My phone definitely does not fit in, hence the four stars Can't complain about quality- it's very good for the price I paid.
I love this wallet. The color is so pretty and the double snaps are really useful. There are tons of slots for cards and the zipper pockets are pretty roomy. This wallet is the perfect size to grab and go, but not so small that if i throw it in my purse it won't get lost. I love it.
Ended up returning this. I love the color, but didn't like the design of the wallet. It was too bulky and I felt like I was showing every cashier all my business whenever I pulled it out. Not as discreet as I'd like.
As pretty AND functional as I'd hoped, this color is so lovely I'll likely buy another as a gift. Can't say yet how long it will last, but absolutely worth it - seems well made, zippers seem sturdy. I had seen a few similar ones on the clearance rack of a department store, they were badly scuffed, and $5 more than the Amazon price (around $12 in a lightning deal)
Packaged nicely in box with tissue paper. Wallet looks great in person. Exactly as pictured. VERY soft leather. Hardware and zippers seem sturdy and work well. All card slots hold cards well. Cash fits nicely unfolded in zippered areas. Took away one star because wallet has a very strong foul odor. Hoping ordor will disappear in a day or two of airing out.
I love this wallet so very much! i have the blue one and i have a fair amount of cards and this thing has held up! two of my co-workers saw it and immediately started asking where i got etc. i purchased them both for my coworkers and they absolutely love them. quality is awesome and so is the look. i highly recommend
Love how soft and supple it is - cards easily slide in and out, unlike with stiffer leather. I don't think any cellphone that is large, or even medium, would fit in this cardholder. Maybe a small iPhone, but nothing more. Glad I made this purchase.
I love mine. The read that show up is as pictured. I have moto x4 in a case. It doesn't fit in the zipper compartments. But I didn't buy this for carry the phone. I use the comparemens for my bills, receipts, and battery charger for my phone. It has plenty of slots and you can doulble or triple up if you start to run out of space. After been using an old one where everything kept falling out and having to dig through for cards. I am really loving this one.
Like it alot. The color online looked creamy. When I received it the color is more iridescent but love the # of slots. The zipper pockets could be wider so I could get my check book in them but over all I really like this product.
I purchased the lovely Orange color for this wallet- so that its Easy to find in ANY purse/bag!! I really like the layout of this wallet- helps me to Easily keep up with my Military ID, Drivers license, and other frequently used cards!! Love, love, love this Awesome wallet!!! Would buy again!!
Love this wallet! Room to hold more than enough cards and it has an ID window. Also has two zippered pockets for bills, and they fit without folding them. When the wallet is folded it's not much bigger than my smartphone. Lots of colors to pick from. I'm just gonna have to order another one in a different color.
I didn’t purchase this wallet for the RFID features although that is an added bonus. I bought it because it’s thin and has a lot of card slots. This does the trick. I like that it snaps closed in two places. I like that the card slots are sized to actually fit cards without too much pushing and pulling. I’ve only used it for one day so far, so I’m unsure of the durability.
I ordered one of these and it had 19 card slots and I liked it a lot. I then decided I wanted a second one and when it came it only had 17 pockets and was about 1/2” shorter. In the meantime, my mom had ordered one because she liked my first one and hers has 20 pockets and is the same overall size as the first one. I’ve tried contacting the seller about my second one being defective but I haven’t gotten a response.
I initially bought this due to past issues with fraud. Glad I made the purchase. I love this wallet. I purchased one for my mother and I before vacay. High quality and enough room for all my credit cards etc. Zipper pockets on both sides for folded cash and coins. Double snaps for securing the inside.
Love this wallet. I bought it in a whim and am so glad I did. It is very slim and easily fits in my winter jacket pocket if I am running ettands. It’s lightweight and fashionable too. For the money, it’s well made and looks cute. If needed I can for my iPhone in the zipper pocket with case (it’s slim) on.
Extremely surprised with the quality of this wallet. I initially was looking for a complete zip around wallet but this kept coming up. Besides the wide range of choice in colors, it's a good sized wallet. I am used to carrying larger wallets for cards, cash, receipts and change and this one can pack a punch. As far as using it with a phone, my phone is usually on me - like in a pant pocket or something so I can't say anything about that. But this is good for a gift.
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