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Good News about our Company in May


May is a good month for us. We have added two new big customers in this busy and happy month, and both of them have placed their first order.

About the two companies, the one customer is from the United States, and they are a large food retail company. The other client is a large clothing company in Bangladesh. About their first order, the food company need 150 thousand colorful boxes, and the other company need  110 thousand gift boxes.

In order to successfully complete the two orders, our company officially opened two meetings. Though, we are fully prepared, but there are still some minor problems in the production and shipping process. However, the pleasant thing is that these problems have been solved successfully in the end.

With the joint efforts of whole company, the two shipments of goods were delivered smoothly. And we believe that we will do better in the future. We will continue to improve ourselves and let our customers get better service.


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