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Some Trends About the Printing Industry


1. Demand for Customization

Each year, more and more customers are seeking to design their own packaging, especially realize that those personalized boxes will enhance their brand and increase their sales at their end. To meet up with the marketing trend, we have an excellent design team, who have many skills and experience in packaging design, and try to satisfy the customer’s requirements and idea. We change your idea into a real box.


2. The Importance of Sustainability

With the development of economy, modern environmental concerns have changed consumers’ focus, sustainability has become a big deal.

And our factory have been approved by FSC and win the environmental management system certificate. To help decrease the waste and pollution,  we put more emphasize on recyclable &bio-degradable packaging material, recycled ink and other sustainable printing and packaging solutions during the production.


3. Printing Inside the box

Printing Inside the Boxes are likely to be regarded as the hottest trend in 2019, more and more companies start to offer this kind of service because it will reinforces branding and enhances the customer experience.

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